•   Kudos to Capt. Wickers & First Mate Patrick! Our original booking was through a third party site & got messed up. Captain Wickers immediately put us in for another day.... read more


      We had a great fishing trip with Lady D V sportfishing on May 26 2021 on boat lady D V with  Captain Billy and mate Patrick. They took great... read more


  •   Unfortunately, the wind blew 40+ so we got blown out. Didn’t get to fish. Captain Billy refunded every penny without question. Very Ethical business!!!!


      The captain and first mate were great but it is an old diesel boat so very loud with smelly fumes. We trolled the whole time so the fumes got almost... read more

    Joel J

  •   Great experience put us right on the fish action packed from first 5 minutes of lines in the water! 2 mounts from the trip including the 8ft white marlin they... read more


      Captain Bill Wickers lll came through as allways caugbt our limit of mahi mahi in a few hrs .Great action allways a fish on
    First mate Patrick... read more


  •   Captain Bill and Patrick were awesome, we caught a ton of fish. Great time, great boat. Perfect weather, we will definitely do this again.


      Capt Billy and Patrick were outstanding. I had my 3 young boys out and two of them got seasick. Capt Billy showed a lot of concern for them while ensuring... read more


  •   Our group had an amazing time on the water! The captain and first mate made for the most enjoyable and productive experience possible. I recommend Linda D IV and will... read more


      My husband and I went on the LINDA D IV with another couple while visiting Key West. It was the first time deep sea fishing for all four of us.... read more


  •   Caught tons of fish with Billy and his mate, Patrick, was a rock star. We were so busy with the fishing we barely got any pictures. Highly recommend! Next... read more

    Eric K

      If you’re looking to catch fish, these guys know where to find them! The troll was slow so Capt Billy moved and changed technique; immediately started catching fish- shark, grouper,... read more


  •   My wife and I hired Captain Billy and his first mate Patrick to take us out on a whole day (8 hour) fishing trip this past Wednesday. First and foremost... read more

    mark o

      Went out on Linda D IV - the seas were intense Captain jay and 1st mate ryan were great. We caught fish even with the enormous swells. ... read more

    Family had a great trip.
    Will book again.
    Vessel was clean and crew was extremely knowledgeable.


  •   Captain Billy put us on fish fast. First Mate Patrick provided great service. This was a first class fishing trip and we will book them again when we... read more


      Captain Billy and deck hand AJ were excellent! Growing up on the West Coast I’ve been around charter fishing trips my whole life, could not count them if I... read more


  •   We had a relaxing, yet exciting, day with Captain Billy & AJ. We’d tried unsuccessfully to fish before with other groups, but third time was a charm! The Linda D... read more

    Once onshore, they cleaned our fish and bagged them up for us to take home. We also scored some great recommendations for local “hook and cook” restaurants to enjoy the Fruits of our day. We will definitely come back again! Everything was on time and exactly as they’d described.

    Thanks for taking time from your families on Thanksgiving to show us a great time! We highly recommend a full day with Linda D!


      If you are looking to do a fishing charter in Key West Capt. Billy Wickers of the Linda D V is the man. He and his Mate AJ will show... read more


  •   Fantastic day on the water! Great Captain and crew! Got the trophy fish the 16 year old wanted plus so many more!


      Family fishing charter on 9/20/20 instantly turned into the Trip of a Lifetime when a beautiful Blue Marlin hit!! Took 4 of us to get this beauty to the... read more


  •   No wonder it's an award winning crew! Captain Wickers knows where the fish are and puts you to catch! Mate AJ made everything look too easy! It's nice to go... read more

    thumb Wilfredo N.

      Captain Johnny and mate Patrick love giving fishing tours and were good at knowing where the fish were. Also very good with nonprofessionals! Best fishing charter in a dozen over... read more

    thumb Margaret B.

  •   WHAT A TRIP!  One is never sure what their experience will be but can only have high hopes.

    Well, if we were hoping for a 5 STAR experience, we set ouR... read more

    There were 3 main reasons they FULLY EARNED the 5-STARS plus the BONUS star.

    1.  FAMILY Friendly for young ladies.  Fishing is frequently a guys-trip with booze, burping, and coarse language.  Coming with my father, wife, and 2 young daughters, I was curious to see how the dynamic would play out.  Well, I could not have been more pleased.  Before we even left the dock, First Mate AJ made my 11-year old feel super special by showing her around the boat before the rest of us boarded. AJ's fun-loving optimism only made the trip more enjoyable as the trip progressed. They were respectful and pleasant with all of us.
     TOTALLY impressed and relieved that Billy and AJ were so adaptable to their guests.

    2. Flexible and GRACIOUS.  After being about only 30 minutes into open water (1 hr into the trip), my wife started feeling ill and it became clear to them that, even though she was willing to tough it out, for her to continue would not only be unpleasant for her but could actually be dangerous.  At Billy's confident prompting, we turned around and headed back to the dock.  She felt better once we got back into calmer waters, but all agreed that thinking anything would be different if she tried again would be foolhardy.  She decided to stay on land and we ventured back out for open water.  We were about 2 hours behind schedule and in my younger years, I may have been frustrated.  Now, I trust God's plan as being better than mine and for some reason this was it.

    3.  We CRUSHED IT on the water. Well, no fishing trip is top-notch without catching a mess of fish.  Even though we got a late start and maybe BECAUSE we got a late start, we found ourselves finding some fortune quickly, pulling in close to 50 pounds of Mahi Mahi within the first hour and my 11-year old catching a 23-lb Bull Dolphin!  What an amazing experience for her and as her father... it was a great memory for me as well.

    My daughter then wanted to see if we could go reef fishing before the day was done.  Upon that request, Billy pointed to boat back towards the island yet suggested we keep trolling. That was sage advice and we subsequently caught another 50 lbs or so of Dolphin bringing us to a subtotal of about 100 lbs across 14 fish.

    On the way back in, Billy planted us on top of a wreck to do some quick bottom fishing.  We pulled up a 20 lb Black Grouper in just a matter of minutes.  Dropping the line back down yielded similar results, boating another large Black Grouper.  Upon finding such quick success, AJ suggested we sit tight and keep working the wreck rather than head to the reef where the results would likely yield smaller bounty if anything at all.

    AS the day was rounding out, we boated another large Black Grouper and a couple of awesome sized Jacks! All in all we brought in over 20 or so fish for 200+ lbs.

    Billy is a gracious and masterful boat Captain. Everything we tried, WORKED.  Not only did he keep putting us on the fish, but he also put us on the fish we specifically requested.  Seriously?  Wow.

    AJ worked tirelessly throughout the day keeping 6 or more lines baited and untangled.  He was a master with the gaff which is hugely important.  (If you have ever lost a prize fish from a missed gaff, you know what I am talking about.)

    If you found this review helpful, give it a thumbs up and make sure you book your trip with the Linda D - you will be glad you did (and YOU TOO WILL WONDER why they don't charge more than they do).

    We. Will. Be. Back.

    thumb Chris B.

      The worst experience of one of our many Keys trips. This guys are crooks, It looks like they are good from the site and reviews but they took our money... read more

    thumb Danny C.

  •   Linda D's charter was not bad. We went out on the Linda D V and I was hoping there would be some AC but there wasn't. It wasn't bad through... read more

    Trolling can be quite boring so we asked if we could add some time to drop line and fish stuff. CPT Wickers recommended that we start that as earliest as possible. Which we went on his recommendation and it just happen to work out for us. It's Mahi Mahi season and I really wanted to catch on this trip but since we were going to start off just dropping line we were catching yellow tail. We had two lines down bottom trying to catch groupers which to me was not as successful as the Yellow tail. CPT Wickers and his first mate Josh i think was his name were litterly walking us through exxxxxactly how to let our lines and then reeling techniques. They were the experts and it was paying off. I don't think Josh was able to bait us fast enough to catch all the fishes. Even CPT Wickers came down to assist a little. I think we ended up only catching 1 fat grouper between two lines bottom fishing and the other two just dropping line. The two catching yellow tail had to switch off the bottom line guys so they could get some action.
    CPT Wickers and his first mate made sure they kept throwing chum and shaking a bait bag to keep the fishes coming. So you kind of get your moneys worth there.

    We eventually ended up trolling after a while but CPT Wickers already warned us that there wasn't much Mahi Mahi biting from reports on the radio from the other boats.  I think we spent almost 2 hours of trolling of no bites. We eventually got a Barracuda. Then an Amberjack that we threw back. The third fish trolling was a fighter and the first mate was excited and screamed it's probably a blue Marlin. It was a good 10 mins of fighting and then this bright green/yellowish glow beamed from the water. IT WAS A MAHI MAHI! So Beautiful a really good size. Meanwhile when this is all going on. CPT Wickers yelled at the mate to get him a rod and from the top deck he threw the line in where another Mahi Mahi was visable. Hooked him and then passed it to one of my other friends to reel in. So we ended up with two Mahi Mahi and although I didn't get to reel one in which was quite sad. I was still happy to see one in person with all the colors.  I guess maybe next time......

    CPT Wickers and his 1ST Mate know their craft. They are great folks.
    Overall we had an amazing time.

    The last tip is to ride up top with the CPT to get shade and a nice breeze.

    thumb Michael D.

      Excellent charter service! Capt. BILLY and 1st Mate Shawn hooked us up within 15 mins of putting bait out. They set the bar very high for our next charter on... read more

    thumb Bob H.

  •   I've been on plenty of chartered and guided trips and I've come to believe that the captain and mate make the trip... and Captain Phil and Mate Ryan were awesome.... read more

    1st Day: showed up early and Ryan was prepping the boat.  He was friendly and ran us through our options.  Phil was on time and had us rolling for the day.  Started off-shore and hooked a dolphin and sail fish (9 footer!).  Got great photos with the help of the crew.  Spent the second half of the day bottom fishing and jigging - caught a few shark, snapper and grouper.  Crew filleted all for us and froze the fish overnight so we could take them home.

    2nd Day: We told Captain Phil we wanted to catch a bunch of snapper and eating fish.  Lit it up all morning long in more than a few spots... fishing is fishing, not catching - but having a crew who knows the spots and what they are doing makes a big difference. Limited out on snapper!

    thumb R G.

      Cold, windy and cloudy day made spectular by Captain Billy and First Mate Bobby.  Once we got out to the fishing grounds, we immediately starting getting strikes.  Landed 15 and... read more

    thumb Mick G.

  •   Holy Mackerel! What a cool experience. We were only out for 3-4hrs but this was the perfect amount of time for the 4 of us. Each fish we caught was... read more

    thumb Amanda K.

      Great Day on the water in Key West!  If you are looking for a good captain that puts you on FISH, Captain Billy on the Linda D is your guy.... read more

    thumb Greg M.

  •   I just did a full day charter with Captain Billy in July.  On the trip was my daughter (20) and son (18).  We had a GREAT day with Captain Billy... read more

    thumb Geoff D.

      5 persons went on a 6hr charter in early April. The Captain was "Craig" or Gregg". He only took us trolling in spite of my asking 3 times to try... read more

    thumb Pauline B.

  •   Today was a great day fishing, I choose the Linda D charter boat over all the others, based off their Yelp reviews, and rating!
    The deckhand Mike was awesome! He... read more

    thumb Anthony C.

      We had 12 persons and two boats.  Fish often in Gulf for Big Fish off of Alabama Coast.  First time we fished shallow and for little snapper.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.... read more

    thumb Leslie H.

  •   Always have a fantastic time with Billy on the Linda D V. Have gone several times over the years and have never been disappointed. He always makes sure you get... read more

    thumb Erica H.

      My wife and I took Linda D V over Labor Day weekend and had a blast! We did a 3/4 excursion and caught around 20 fish or so. My wife... read more

    thumb Gary H.

  •   What a great time!  Yesterday, my husband, son and I went out on one of Linda D's Charter boats and had a great experience.  Our Captain Billy and his First... read more

    thumb Jill A.

      My group and I went out with Billy and Adam on the Linda D V and it was awesome! They were not only professional but knowledgeable.  We caught fish left... read more

    thumb Dana B.

  •   Found on Yelp and not disappointed! Captan Jimmy and Adam where great. Kids had a blast. Book the Linda D and you won't be disappointed. The crew was great with... read more

    thumb Audra D.

      We went out with Daniel and Ryan on the Linda D IV and had a spectacular time! They were pumped and ready to go from the moment we left the... read more

    thumb Jessica W.

Are you in the mood for Sport fishing? No matter what day of the year you feel like going for it, the water is always ready for you. The weatherproof fishing of Key West makes the entire experience extremely exciting, because you get the bites you come here for!

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