We are available for any queries about the processing of information on Linda D Sportfishing ( This document unfolds the privacy practices of our website that is based on the Fishing charters in Key West. Linda D Sportfishing is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of other websites. External links (if any) to other websites are identifiable. Please reach the end of the page for the explanation of technical terms used in this document.

Privacy and Personal Information

Linda D Sportfishing respects your right to privacy. Any personal information that you volunteer to Linda D Sportfishing ( in search of the best Key West fishing charter experience is handled with the highest standards of security and confidentiality. Any information you provide to Linda D Sportfishing ( is only used for the purpose you provided it. It is never available to any third parties.

Collection and Use of Tracking Information

In accordance with normal practice, every visit to our website is recorded in order to improve the service operations and to provide statistical information about the usage of this website.

Technical details from the visits to this website are logged via cookies. Linda D Sportfishing ( never attempts to make individual visitors’ identification, neither associate the technical details listed below with any individual.

Details logged via cookies include:

  • The date and time of the visit
  • Each page visited in the site on such a visit
  • IP/network address
  • Location or geographical information
  • The type of web browser used to visit the website
  • The device used to visit the website

Under the control and direction of Linda D Sportfishing (, access to the aforementioned technical details might be given to companies to provide analysis of advertising and website traffic. Availability of this information is solely allowed to provide these services to us or on our behalf.


Our website uses cookies, they neither harm your computer nor contain viruses but help our website to be more user-friendly, efficient, and secure for you. Cookies are small text files that are saved by your browser.

Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted after your visit, they are so-called “session cookies”. Other cookies that remain in your device’s memory until you delete them are the ones that help in identifying your browser when you make the next visit.

You can also make a decision on a case-by-case basis whether to accept or reject a cookie by configuring your browser to inform you about the use of cookies. Alternatively, your browser can be automatically configured to accept the cookies under certain conditions, to always reject them, or to delete them when closing your browser. Please note that disabling cookies may limit the functionality of this website.

The website operator ensures an optimized service free of technical errors through the storage of cookies, hence has a legitimate interest in them. Other cookies (such as those used to analyze an individual’s surfing behavior) if stored, will be treated separately in this privacy policy.

Google Analytics

Linda D Sportfishing ( uses Google Display Advertising and Remarketing Tools with Google Analytics. If you want to learn more about Google anonymous data collection, please visit Google Adword’s Remarketing Policy.

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

Linda D Sportfishing ( may occasionally use Facebook Advertising, Facebook Pixel Re-Marketing, and communications of Facebook Inc. Linda D Sportfishing ( uses this technique to better understand and deliver advertising, making them more relevant to you. The information gathered is kept private. Linda D Sportfishing ( does not have access to any of its customers’ personal information.

Facebook, on the other hand, saves and processes the information gathered. In accordance with Facebook’s Data Use Policy, Facebook may be able to link the data to your Facebook account and use it for their own advertising purposes. Facebook has complete control over the data collected via Facebook Advertising, Facebook Pixel Re-Marketing, and communications. Through your Facebook Account settings, you can opt out of Facebook’s use of cookies and Facebook Pixel Re-Marketing.

WordPress Stats

The WordPress Stats tool is used by Linda D Sportfishing ( to analyse visitor traffic statistics.

WordPress Stats makes use of cookies, which are little text files that are saved on your computer and allow an analysis for the website usage. The data collected by cookies concerning your use of our website is stored on servers in the United States. After processing and before storage, your IP address will be anonymized. WordPress Stats cookies remain on your device until you delete them.

The website operator can utilise “WordPress Stats” cookies to evaluate user behaviour and improve both its website and advertising.

You can set your browser to notify you when cookies are being used, allowing you to choose whether to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively, you may set your browser to accept cookies only under particular circumstances, reject them always, or erase cookies immediately when you exit the browser. When cookies are disabled, the performance of our services may also be compromised.

SSL or TLS Encryption

For security purposes and to protect the transfer of confidential content, such as the questions you send to us as the site operator, this site uses SSL or TLS encryption. When the address line in your browser changes from “http://” to “https://” and the lock icon appears in the address bar, then know it’s an encrypted connection.

Online Reservations, Surveys & Emails

You fully acknowledge the following when making an online reservation with Linda D Sportfishing:

(i) Linda D Sportfishing will send you e-mail(s) with such reservations and other associated information

(ii) Linda D Sportfishing will send you a survey to allow you to evaluate your experience.

We may send emails to our customers from time to time with special offers or information about new items and services we offer. You have the choice to unsubscribe from our mailing list in every email we send.


Glossary of Technical Terms Used

Web Browser

The program that allows you to read web pages. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge, FireFox, and Opera are among the examples.


(URL) is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, which is a method of identifying the specific position of a page or other piece of information on the Internet.

Network Address

A number that identifies a device connected to the internet (for example, Every device that connects to the internet has a network address, which may or may not be the same each time you connect, depending on how you access the internet.


A website installs simple text files on your device in an area controlled by your web browser. Cookies serve as a website’s “memory” and can be utilized for a variety of purposes.7

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