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Our History

Our Story



The name Wickers has been well-known for making waves in the Gulf stream waters, quite literally, since 1938, and from that time onwards, the Gulf stream has never seen a day without a Wickers on board.

Following the family tradition of the best fishing in Key West, Capt. Bill Wickers Jr. established the LINDA D, and never stopped doing what he loved and loving what he does. His face was as familiar for the Straits of Florida, as the horizon was for him.

The family business then continued to grow and was later adopted by his son, Billy, the fourth generation youngest licensed Captain in the Key West. Captain Billy practically grew up doing what he does best, fishing. To him it comes naturally, his skills speak volumes when he frequently catches what others have to wait quite a lot for.

The Linda D that still stands proud, has entertained Florida State Governor, Jeb Bush and has a glamorous history of being featured in numerous films and documentaries, including Curt Gowdy of American Sportsman fame, PM Magazine and most recently the Nashville Network’s Celebrity Outdoors, starring Roger Miller and Lee Greenwood.

Our History in Pictures

Our History in Pictures